3 Best Hits with Jazz Influences by Snarky Puppy

Snarky Puppy is a fusion-influenced band from Brooklyn, they have an incredible love for jam, mixing the best jazz sounds in their compositions, with some Latin influences in most of their masterpieces.

It really doesn’t matter how we describe them, words are never enough to explain how good their music is, as it is an amazing experience that no one can let pass by. Also, the band is led by the composer, producer and bassist in the band, Michael League, a really energetic spirit. If you still don’t know who these guys are, you have arrived right on time to meet them.

The Performance in Lingus

This has to be, by far, Snarky Puppy’s most famous track on the Internet. Whether it is by opinions made by a band’s fan or by friends of its members, these musicians are known for the connection they can easily create between musicians and spectators. Although is very common to see a band sharing the joy of music during live jammings between themselves, they tend to do the same with the people who go to enjoy the show. In Lingus, arranged, written and produced by Michael League, each instrument played and every expression made by the band members, bring fascinating and exciting emotions, that is still getting positive discussions in 2019, due to Cory Henry’s famous solo, available on the live DVD “We Like It Here”. Henry’s ideas in this track are full of powerful jazz and gospel influences. Definitely a “must see” for keyboard/synth lovers and an ensured favorite for percussionists.

Shofukan Smooth Sounds

Attractive basses with groove and some almost pop-like structures are what we can appreciate in one of their most calmed tracks, Shofukan. It is difficult to decide which instrument is the star out of the many that are used, as they surely know how to jam and take turns for the ball, like a soccer team, making music without any kind of ego-complex and with a family ambient. One curious fact about them is the participation of most of the members of the band for almost all of the compositional work. The companionship is completely obvious in every live session, considering that they all have parallel projects, as Nate Werth, Michael’s percussionist. Werth is part of a band called Ghost-Note, a group from Dallas, Texas, with a lot of main percussion sounds, but influenced by funk, hip hop and jazz. Sometimes, Michael wears a t-shirt from this group, to support his colleague’s project.


With more latin sounds and a bit softer, in the beginning, there is Sleeper, released in 2014 and a not so easy to decode track, but hard to stop listening. Having another arrangement by Mike Maher, with Michael League as producer and composer, we can hear a different jazz influence in the trumpet composition. Maher plays the trumpet in the band, but in this opportunity he prepared a good set, enhanced with a Moog Little Phatty that was connected to the voice of the man in charge of the synths, Shaun Martin, using it to synthesize it with the instrument using a tube, turning it to a weird electronic voice and creating a similar sound like a harmonica and a trumpet. As this track runs, the feeling transmitted by its mixed ambient is outstanding.

Shaun Martin

This band, started by college kids, is an amazing resource to have always in mind, to listen during social meetings or lonely moments. Snarky Puppy is perfect for those who still got jazz and fusion in their veins.