Best Jazz Instruments

Several musical instruments are used in Jazz bands. Jazz bands often have a rhythm section which includes such instruments as the piano, bass and percussion. The piano is a very versatile instrument when it comes to using it for Jazz since it has 88 keys that allow a range of sounds to be produced. For percussion the drums can be used to keep the music moving along. In the drums the most popular in jazz is the bass drum that uses a foot pedal. Unlike the bass drum, the snare drum is played with sticks, and then of course there are cymbals that can be used. There are also often two other drums that provide different pitches. These are known as the low tom and high tom. In many ways the drums can be viewed as the most important when it comes to providing the rhythm for the Jazz music.

The basis for the harmony in Jazz music is often the use of the upright bass instrument. The bass is played by sitting behind the instrument and plucking at the strings. The bass is a four-stringed instrument that produces low notes and provides a rhythm to the music being played. In Jazz, the melody is played with the horn section of instruments. The best instrument for this in Jazz is the trumpet. Sometimes a trombone is played too depending on the band. The trumpet is strongly associated with the playing of Jazz music probably because of Louis Armstrong who was famous for playing it during his Jazz performances. The trumpet is played by blowing air into it and moving your lips.

The trombone is also played in the same way as the trumpet but a slide is also used to adjust the pitch of the music as it is being played. The trombone has been played in many Jazz bands for a long time, and was most popular during the period of Swing music. A woodwind instrument that is very good to use when playing Jazz music is the saxophone. The way you play the saxophone is you blow into the mouthpiece. This causes the reed to vibrate and this then produces the sound. The saxophone cannot produce more than one note at a time, and although there are different types of saxophone, the baritone saxophone is the most common for Jazz music and has been prominent in Jazz music for a long time. The saxophone is actually made of brass.

Another woodwind instrument that is very useful in Jazz music is the clarinet. It was more popular in the past than in today’s music. It functions much in the same way as a saxophone with a reed being vibrated when you blow into the mouthpiece.


The guitar is often used in Jazz bands either to accompany a piano or instead of a piano. Jazz guitar players usually prefer to play a hollow guitar. The guitar can play melodies and chords. A combination of these different musical instruments is responsible for the distinctive sound of jazz music.