Jazz, like every other type of music, is entertaining, soothing and relaxing. Several musicians have played a pivotal role in making swing one of the best music in the world. Jazz fans all over the world know some of the great icons that took a swing into the limelight, but today, only a few know the famous jazz musician of today. The jazz musician of nowadays has helped us add more theme of the modern day to make jazz more fun to listen and enjoy. Below are some of the great jazz musicians of today.


Gregory Porter is a California-born songwriter and singer. Gregory’s music careers started around 20 years ago, though he did not become popular until he moved to New York and began performing music regularly at Harlem’s ST. Nick’s Pub before his career. Gregory released his first album, Water, produced by famous Jazz saxophonist and pianist Kamau Kenyatta in 2010. His third album titled liquid spirit earned him a Grammy award for the best jazz vocal album in 2013, and this has cemented his standing as a potential jazz legend. NPR Music also hails porter as the best next excellent jazz singer.


Esperanza Spalding is a Portland, Oregon born jazz singer, cellist, and bassist. The star displayed fascinating talents right from her early age of playing violin with the Chamber Music Society of Oregon. Esperanza burst into the Jazz music scene with her debut album Junjo in 2006, receiving positive reviews from the New York Times critic Ratliff Ben. Ever since then, Spalding has won several Grammy award that includes the Best New Artist of 2010 is the very first to win this title. She also won the best Jazz Vocal album of the year 2012’s Radio Music Society. Her fifth album was titled Emily’s Devolution, and this was sung beautifully by the alter ego of Emily; Spalding’s middle name. She has been acclaimed globally ever since the release of the album in 2016.


Robert is a famous jazz pianist and producer. Glasper may not be your typical jazz musician, taking into consideration his combination of jazz with different styles such as the hip-hop and R&B, yet his superb mix of Glasper has made him stand out among his fellow contemporaries. During his 20’s, he had already performed with jazz greats of all time such as Christian McBride and Terence Blanchard followed by a succession of well-appreciated album that includes Double Booked that was Grammy nominated in 2009. His stunning release of Black Radio further proved his credibility and the perfect fusion he made with R&B accorded him the 2013 Grammy award for the Best R&B album. In May 2016, Glasper released a new album titled everything beautiful that featured a lot of first-class collaborators.

Either you are a passionate lover of jazz, or you just started to listen to jazz music. You should the songs are sung by this brilliant musicians to have the best listening experience from jazz. You can also check out for their ranking rules.