Greatest Music Written for Trumpet

The trumpet is one of the most versatile music instruments in the world. We can hear its distinct sound in all kinds of music genres, from jazz to pop. It managed to make history during many musical movements and the most talented trumpet players became superstars. The music writers are the geniuses behind this amazing sound. We have selected some of the greatest music ever written for trumpet in order to see how this marvelous musical instrument evolved with us.

Joseph Haydn with his Trumpet concerto changed the history of this instrument. Featuring the trumpet as the main part, Haydn created a masterpiece that is now one of the most iconic pieces for trumpet lovers. Many famous music schools feature this piece during their classes. It is definitely one of the most amazing trumpet pieces written ever. The proportions are perfect and have a unique creativity.

George Enescu wrote the amazing Legende for Piano and Trumpet. This piece is considered by many critics and experts the best trumpet piece ever written. The rhythm is very well proportioned and rhapsodic. The trademark of Enescu is this type of music, at the edge between classical Romanian rhythm and the fluidity of chamber music. This piece is best to be heard during a live concert. It will definitely give you pleasure thrills.

Paul Hindemith is the author of Sonata for Trumpet and Piano. This piece is best to be described as monumental and somehow macabre. The piece was written at the beginning of the Second World War and with its rhythm describes the emotions during the war perfectly. It is quite challenging to play and the strong message of this piece makes it a true challenge, even for a professional musician.

The Bach Vivaldi can be considered a very interesting hybrid. The piece was a Vivaldi concerto and Bach wrote the arrangement of it. This piece was not intended for trumpet at first but the rhythm of it allowed trumpet players to adopt it right away.

Sergei Rachmaniov is the author of Vocalise. He was renowned for his intricate pieces that required a lot of focus and stamina. This piece keeps all of these features. It proves to be difficult even for professional musicians but once they manage to play, it is simply amazing. It is truly one of the most iconic pieces written for trumpet.

Giacomo Puccini and his Five Songs managed to change the way we perceive trumpet music. Although many associate trumpets with military of harsh music, Puccini managed to prove that trumpets can be used in happy, sweet songs too. These pieces are some of the most atypical trumpet parts.

Arturo Sandoval is the author of Mambo Caliente. He managed to incorporate the trumpet in the Latino music in the most natural way possible. The combination of rhythms is simply amazing.

Dizzie Gillespie with his One Night in Tunisia showed that the trumpet is the main player on the jazz scene. One of the most skilled composers in the history of jazz, he incorporated the trumpet in the most amazing way