How Jazz Sounds are Used in Other Music Genres

Jazz music has some very distinctive sounds and characteristics. For example jazz sounds include a great deal of syncopation. It is defined as the act of putting accents or emphasis in rather unusual places in the music. The syncopation may add to the feeling of swing in the music. The swing is the feeling of rhythm that you get with jazz music. Great jazz musicians are often very creative, and they tend to bend notes and include a tremendous amount of improvisation in their music. This is typical of the truly spectacular jazz performance such as Duke Ellington.

The Genres

The jazz sounds have been used and implemented in other types of music genre. Over the years, musicians have become more creative and interested in making new music that combines and blends elements from several different music genres. This creativity has led to entirely new music genre being created. For instance, there is New Age, New Wave, Punk rock and Jazz fusion, to name a few.

is a music genre that actually started to develop many years ago in the 1960s. The idea was to combine some of the typical sounds of jazz music with other music genre. Jazz fusion mixes a music genre, such as the rhythm and blues, rock music and funk, with typical jazz music. The various combinations of different music styles tend to create interesting and unusual and unique sounding music. Many great musicians are those individuals who are able to combine different music genres together to create a new and original piece of music.

Jazz fusion music often uses musical instruments that we usually associate with the playing and sounds of jazz music. For example, woodwind and brass instruments are often used. The saxophone, trumpet, drums and piano are often played in a band that is playing jazz fusion music. A trumpet and saxophone are instruments that are very typical of the sound of jazz music.

One type of jazz fusion is jazz rock. Jazz rock also uses the electric guitar and bass guitar and keyboard. It also tends to be loud music and of course they include the typical jazz musical instruments such as the trumpet, saxophone and keyboard. Jazz rock bands are believed to have originated in the 1960s in the United States. This combination of electric music with jazz music created an interesting fusion of music that became popular.

Another type of jazz fusion was the Afro-Cuban Jazz. This music was a combination of jazz improvisation techniques and harmonies with clave-based rhythms that were typical of Afro-Cuban music. Cuban and jazz musicians often worked together to create this type of fusion music. For instance, the Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie played with the Cuban performer Chano Pozo. What is interesting is unlike other types of jazz fusion, Afro-Cuban Jazz started to develop as early as the late 1940s. Jazz music and sounds have clearly had an impact on the music scene with various stylistic sounds being incorporated into music to form jazz fusion.