So You Want to Open A Jazz Club

Finding a good jazz bar is becoming increasingly difficult. While jazz has always had, and is likely to always have, a loyal following, it nevertheless is a niche art compared to mainstream music. And so jazz bars are more rare than the average night club. If you are a jazz fanatic and live in a city without a decent jazz club, then our heart goes out to you. One way to remedy the situation, however, is to establish a jazz bar yourself and be the solution to the problem. Let’s discuss some of the most important things to remember when opening a jazz venue in your town.

Size of Population

A jazz bar is a business like any other, with expenses and overhead and a pile of book keeping. The 60-hour work weeks and sleepless nights of the owner must be worth the effort. It is impossible to perfectly predict the fortune of a jazz bar, but one of the best indicators of possible success is population. If the population of your city is on the low side, the statistical probability that it will have a large number of jazz aficionados is low, unless you live in a town like New Orleans with a rich history of jazz. Those towns, however, don’t have a shortage of jazz bars. If you live in a town of 500’000 people and above, and there is not much of a jazz scene, then you might find yourself being fortunate enough to profit from being first. It is also good to look at the general music scene in town to gauge the culture and the spending power that people have for entertainment. If you have ten solid night clubs in town, then it’s a sign that the locals like an evening of music, and a jazz club will likely be a welcome addition.

Age and Wealth

People concern themselves with the finer things in life only when they have covered all other needs. A jazz club is not exactly essential infrastructure, so make sure you settle in a town, or at least a neighborhood that is relatively affluent. These are the best kind of clients you can ask for – older folks who have done their work in earning an admirable living, and would now like to enjoy their money in culturally enriching ways. If you see that many other upscale establishments are common in the area, such as fancy restaurants, boutique shops, chique independent hotels, then you’re in the right area. It may sound a bit cold, but jazz is your product. Make sure people are interested in it and can afford it.


It’s not a speakeasy, you’ll have to really put your jazz bar out there if you want to succeed. Social media is one of the best ways of doing it at the moment, and even the older folk have some social media accounts that they use to keep in touch with their kids. So make sure you carefully target ads to the age range and interests of your target audience. This will take some experimenting, but it is the most effective way to make sure that your audience’s Friday night plans involve your club.