The Origin of Jazz Music

Jazz originated from New Orleans and started in about a century ago (late 19th century). However, its roots are traced to the musical styles of both Africa and Europe. Some musical scholars describe jazz as a fusion between African and European music. Jazz got its rhythm and felt from the African musical traditions. Also, its quality of blues reflects the rich variety of African music that blends the instrument with the musician’s freedom of expression. This allows the instrument to feel like an extension of the human voice. Jazz music got its harmony from the European music tradition.  The tunes and chords that play along blends in effortlessly. Jazz harmony has the same features with the classical music’s harmony. Instrument predominantly used in Jazz are from most countries in Europe (piano, saxophone, trumpet and many others). However, the musical improvisations come from both traditions.

So how did jazz start off from New Orleans?  New Orleans presents the perfect background for blending in all the elements of Jazz music. The city is by the seaside and has people from all over the world trooping into for business. The various business partners usually come together at night to create entertainment for them; this is the reason why the city has a bustling nightlife. During this time, various musicians from different parts of the world (mainly Europe and Africa) seize the opportunity to play together, learn from each other and share their multiple elements.  Jazz came through from the African American Experience thus was born through the African American experience in the U.S. Jazz music came from the spiritual songs and slave songs of African slaves and the religious Afro American folk songs. The influential people who first pioneered the genre where major African American. The Europeans contributed to the style of music, but the African American were the major contributors to the Genre.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong is the most influential jazz originator and the very first jazz soloist and trumpet player. He is the first improviser and is regarded as one of the pioneers of the music. You can listen to “Working Man’s Blues” and “Dippermouth Blues,” you will understand more about the history of Jazz music. From the inception of the music, jazz steadily grew popular all over America and even moved to England and other parts of Europe. Jazz music developed over the 20th century, with other significant genres taking off the elements of jazz and combining different styles of music.  Jazz was very popular in mid 20th century. During this time, so many famous jazz bands from America and England took the genre to other parts of the world. The style became vast and gained the approval of most other music scholars at that time.

Louis Armstrong

In our world today, jazz is played and loved by people of different ethnicities, and so many other musical elements and styles from different parts of the world are now part of jazz music. The genre, which initially started in America, is now music for all.