Where to Hear Great Jazz Music Around the World

Jazz music originated in the United States of America so there are many places there where you can hear great examples of the genre. However, America is not the only country where this can be said and with the popularity of jazz music spreading around the world it can be heard as far away as South Africa. If you are planning on traveling around and want to know where you can still hear your favorite tunes, then this is the article for you.

United States Cities

Most big cities in the United States have clubs where you can watch a live performance by a jazz band. Cities such as New York and New Orleans are known for having many venues where there are jazz musicians that play on a regular basis. Places like the Village Gate, Fat Cats and Blue Note in New York City are some examples of where to go.

New Orleans is a city that is famous for its culture and music and is considered to be the birth place of jazz, so not surprisingly it has an abundance to offer by way of clubs and festivals. Try out Sweet Lorraine’s Jazz Club or the Jazz Playhouse to name but two of the many such places in this vibrant city.

United Kingdom and Europe

Jazz music is played throughout the world and there are certainly many jazz bands and musicians in the United Kingdom today where it is easy to find jazz clubs to enjoy some lively entertainment. Naturally, there are numerous venues in London where you can watch some live performances, most notably the famous jazz bar known as Ronnie Scott’s which has been a feature of the British jazz scene for a number of years. Another great place is Vortex in London, open since the 1980s and still going strong.

Jazz music spread to other countries in Europe, including Germany and France and by the 1940s had gained a popularity that endures today. There are several jazz clubs worth visiting in Paris, such as Jazz Club Etoile, which has featured famous players such as BB King and Lionel Hampton. Other noteworthy clubs in Paris include La Petite Halle and La Dynamo. As an arts, music and cultural center in France, Paris offers many establishments where you can see and hear great live jazz performances.

Other Spots

Jazz is a universal language and can be heard being played as far away as Australia, although not in as many places as yet. However, to hear great jazz music in the continent, check out Bennett’s Lane in Melbourne. Maybe you want to try something a little different? Cape Town in South Africa is another vibrant city with a growing number of clubs including the Piano Bar and Kaleidoscope Café, where you can soak up live performances.  It is clear that there are several places around the world where you can hear great sounds. Jazz music is not limited to the United States but has a global following, and rightly so!

Cape Town Jazz
Cape Town Jazz