Jazz is one of worlds’ great and fine forms of art. It is a type of music that blends different types of cultures: African rhythms, American band instrument, spiritual elements and blues to the brass and reeds. Rhythms and harmony are an essential part of jazz, but they are as important has spontaneity. The history, technique, and improvisation have now come together to form a breathing, living art form.

Jazz is enjoyed most during the live performances. Jazz venues are not usually the normal convention concert halls. The performances stages are often located in intimate performance spaces where listeners can immerse and commit themselves to the music. If you are thinking of a place for your night out you should check out these jazz venues to enjoy the one kind experience of jazz you’ve always wished. Here are some of the jazz venues you should seek out to have an enjoyable experience of jazz.


Located in Manhattan, New York, Max Gordon established the Village Vanguard and the current Village vanguard location in 1935. His wife now manages the Village Vanguard. The Low Down has pushed boundary by famous actors like Sonny Rollins, Bill Evans, and John Coltrane, in the red-lit corner of the venue. At the Low Down today artist plays for six days in a row, and the location makes it easy for the city to embrace them and grow within the New York’s most hallowed and oldest jazz club. Visit gearpatrol.com and thrillist.com to see more reviews about jazz clubs.


The SFJAZZ is an architectural masterpiece that won the award for the slew of design awards that features a performance hall that is designed with incredible acoustic and high visibility. Top musicians from all around the world always come to grace the stage of SFJAZZ every night, and its community outreach programs is another feature that sets the venue apart. The SFJAZZ was opened in 2013, and since then it has been offering world-class performances and several innovative and educational programs. There is a programme titled Jazz in the Middle at the SFJAZZ that brings together diverse talents from different high schools to perform together and learn. There is also a rotation eight-man group that consists of top jazz musicians that are commissioned to give a good repertoire and tour with it. Promoting creativity and advancing the art form to the more significant height.


One of the best places to listen to jazz is the Big Easy. It is one of the most-loved venues. One of the fantastic spots at the site is The Spotted Cat Music Club or as it is called The Cat. It’s creaking and cramped just like anything else in Nola, but it makes an eclectic mash-up of jazz, blues, and Latin music. Drinks are also served drinks fast and cheap. It caters to both the herd of tourists and locals. The only disadvantage is that you won’t find credit cards or food around here.