Where to Hear Jazz Music in Europe

Europe is a hotbed for jazz music and we’re not just making this up! The continent houses some of the world’s best local clubs and bars in the entire world. Get in the rhythm at swingin’ jazz clubs from Berlin and Brighton to Paris and Madrid. Regardless of whether you need laid-back or out-there, you will discover great vibes. Here a few of the greatest places to hear jazz throughout Europe.

Hot Clube de Portugal, Lisbon

The Hot Club of Portugal (Hot Clube de Portugal) is the most seasoned jazz club in Portugal and has uninterruptedly built up its action since 1948. It occupies a cellar in Praça da Alegria (Square of Joy) in Lisbon. Concerts take place almost daily here and with that this place has become an acclaimed cultural entity in Portugal and abroad. Several great musicians like Ronnie Scott, Sarah Vaughan, Charlie Haden have played here.

Donau 115, Berlin

The best-known jazz clubs here are A Trane and Zig Zag. This club is quite small and not very well known among the visitors. The club’s program covers top-quality straight-ahead post-bop jazz to – in the expressions of part-proprietor Chad Matheny – “exploratory Zappa-impacted atonal scholarly weirdos” in addition to the infrequent “uproarious, crude acoustic pop act”.


Jazzhus Montmarte, Copenhagen

Described as “legendry”, this place is a leading jazz club in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was closed down in 1995 and was reopened in 2010. Many jazz musicians, including Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, Chet Baker have performed here. It is considered to be one of Europe’s major jazz clubs for live world-class jazz.


The Verdict, Brighton

The Verdict isn’t in the buzzy Lanes region yet in the somewhat starker organization of the law courts (consequently the name). Be that as it may, under the bearing of the excited Andy Lavender, the main pleading heard here is for reprises. Its motivation assembled storm cellar, decorated with unique photos of jazz legends, situates only 60 and overflows with climate. Upstairs there’s a bistro that screens the exhibitions. Daring programming and extraordinary acoustics are pulling in the finest UK players – individuals, for example, saxophonist Mark Lockheart, musician Liam Noble, in addition to universal names, for example, Portuguese guitarist Vitor Pereira – and drawing in jazz darlings from over the ages.

Reduta, Prague


Reduta is a music club and theatre scene in Prague, Czech Republic. This club is especially renowned for having facilitated an unrehearsed saxophone execution by American president Bill Clinton in 1994. Reduta is the most established jazz club in Prague. Intriguing to learn that this club, simply off Wenceslas Square, opened in 1957 when Czechoslovakia wasn’t precisely getting a charge out of the warm innovative breeze of a liberal renaissance. In any case, a guarantee to jazz each night of the week (commencing at around 9.30 pm) and a wide programming approach with enormous groups, tributes to the legends, Dixieland, Latin and combination, have guaranteed that vacationers and local people alike have fed up a humming climate.

If you love jazz music, visit these places!

Reduta, Prague
Reduta, Prague